What Makes Us Different

Progressive, Innovative and Fun!

You, as a teacher, are one of Conservatory Canada's most valued resources, with your ideas, energy, knowledge, skill, musicality and love of students. 

“It is our goal to provide your students with a great examination system, and with solid, useful materials and support.”

New, progressive and innovative programs are being developed all the time, after consultation with teachers like you right across the country. It is our goal to provide your students with a great examination system and with solid, useful materials and support. Contact us either by toll-free telephone, email, or by attending one of our workshops and clinics in your area.


Candidates may register for an optional mini-lesson immediately following their examination. It is meant to be relaxed, fun and interesting - not a "critique" of the examination but rather a celebration of a student’s achievement and musical journey.  Teachers and family members are encouraged to be present at the mini-lesson to help recognize and applaud the student’s accomplishment!

Supplementary Piece

This is the student's chance to play what they love best! It can be a popular piece (not pieces), an original composition, an improvisation, or even another piece from the same grade or level.  Combine classical and contemporary styles of music through cross-over selections on either exam.

Partial Examinations

Students today lead busy lives. That's why we offer them the option of dividing the examination into two parts beginning at grade/level 7. The second partial must be completed within one year of the date of the first partial.

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