A wonderfully convenient opportunity for teachers, students and parents. 

  • Take a Practical eExam or Flex Theory exam whenever YOU are ready...not just during the usual exam periods.
  • Avoid that 4 hour drive to the nearest centre.
  • Be one of the first to utilize cutting-edge technology!

Practical eExams

Register for a Practical eExam through your portal and then email registrar [at] conservatorycanada [dot] ca to schedule a date and time for your exam. It's that easy!

Practical eExam centres have already been set up in 12 cities, across 7 provinces:

  • Calgary, AB
  • Cold Lake, AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Grande Prairie, AB
  • Medicine Hat, AB
  • Okotoks, AB
  • Pincher Creek, AB
  • Wainwright, AB
  • Coquitlam, BC
  • Cranbrook, BC
  • Osoyoos, BC
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Quispamsis, NB
  • Wolfville, NS
  • Cambridge, ON
  • Elmira, ON
  • Georgetown, ON
  • Huntsville, ON
  • Kingston, ON
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Niagara Falls, ON
  • Orillia, ON
  • Oshawa, ON
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Parry Sound, ON
  • Peterborough, ON
  • Thunder Bay, ON
  • Timmins, ON
  • Zurich, ON
  • Estevan, SK
  • Saskatoon, SK

To open your own Flex eExam centre for practical exams, or for more information regarding this exciting new opportunity, please contact our office.

Practical eExam Pricing

Grade Duration (min) Fee
Grade 1 20 min. $121
Grade 2 20 min. $121
Grade 3 20 min. $121
Grade 4 25 min. $129
Grade 5 25 min. $129
Grade 6 30 min. $142
Grade 7 (complete) 35 min. $160
Grade 7 (each partial) 20 min. $116
Grade  8 (complete) 35 min. $172
Grade 8 (each partial) 25 min. $119
Grade 9 (complete) 55 min. $208
Grade 9 (each partial) 25 min. $142
Grade 10 (complete) 65 min. $332
Grade 10 (each partial) 30 min. $233
Associate Teacher ACCM (complete) 115 min. $589
Associate Teacher ACCM (each partial) 55min. $338
Associate Performer ACCM 75 min. $539
Licentiate Performer LCCM 75 min. $592
Mini Lessons (all grades) 15 min. $34
Recital Assessment (Junior) 20 min. $121
Recital Assessment (Intermediate) 30 min. $135
Recital Assessment (Senior) 40 min. $197
Teacher Development (Beg. - Grade 5) 60 min. $259
Teacher Development (Grade 6 - Grade 8) 75 min. $310

Flex Theory Exams

Our Flex Exam option allows students to write their theory exams in ANY location convenient for them on ANY day of the year! The exam can be written in any quiet location that the student and teacher feels is appropriate and the exam is administered by a Presiding Officer of your choice. This option allows us to email the exam to the Presiding Officer a few days before the scheduled exam date. The Presiding Officer must have access to the technology required to accommodate the electronic nature of the exams, as we only send them by email and they must be scanned and emailed back.

Register for a Flex Theory Exam through your portal and then email registrar [at] conservatorycanada [dot] ca with the following information a minimum of two weeks before the day you wish to write your exam. It's that easy! 

  • Date and exact time that the exam will be written.  This is chosen entirely at the discretion of the student and teacher.

  • Name and address of the location where the exam will be written.  This can be any quiet space that the student or teacher feels is appropriate.

  • Name, email address, and telephone number of the Presiding Officer. This can be any responsible adult other than the student’s parents or theory teacher and is chosen entirely at your discretion. Other music or school teachers may be used, as long as it is not the teacher for the particular course being examined. The Presiding Officer that you select must have access to a scanner and knowledge of how to use it. The exam paper will be sent to the Presiding Officer by email two business days before the student is scheduled to write. They will need to print the exam, supervise the student while he/she writes, then scan the completed exam as a single PDF file and return it by email. Exams returned in other formats will not be accepted. There are no other restrictions on who can proctor the exam.

Flex Theory Exam Pricing

Grade Duration (hours) Fee
Theory 1 1.5 $121
Theory 2 2.0 $129
Theory 3 2.0 $129
Theory 4 2.0 $129
Theory 5 3.0 $142
Theory 6 3.0 $142
Theory 7A 3.0 $142
Theory 7B 3.0 $142
History 5 3.0 $142
History 6 3.0 $142
History 7 3.0 $142
Pedagogy 3.0 $142
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