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Keyboard Harmony and Transposition (1999)

Well organized and cleanly presented, this book is full of easy, graded exercises and hints to help students (and yes, even teachers!) who might be new to it to prepare for the keyboard harmony requirements in piano exams from Grades 5-10. All exercises follow the Syllabus requirements. There are hundreds of music examples that are also great for developing rhythm skills, sight reading, and aural requirements for all grades. And more...even if you have students who are not interested in taking examinations, this book will help prepare them to better understand the keyboard and to have fun making music! This is the Conservatory's definitive guide to Keyboard Harmony and it's perfectly suited for both the novice and the professional, and for both pianists and non-pianists!

Millennium Series Repertoire

Each book features:

  • A full range of interesting repertoire for each grade is presented, from all periods of music history...and all in ONE book. It's a balanced and thoughtful approach to the study and teaching of music.
  • All technical requirements for examinations are clearly charted for easy viewing and use... no more flipping back and forth from Syllabi to repertoire books to get what you need... another great time saver for teachers.
  • A short biography of every composer used in the book is provided in each volume, helping teachers bring music to life for their students
  • Full syllabus requirements for each examination in that grade are listed, a really helpful reference point for busy teachers
  • all STUDIES are INCLUDED in every volume for that grade; there are no extra "Studies" books to buy!
  • Canadian content is important, and there is a wide selection of repertoire from Canadian composers in each volume. As well, there is a great arrangement of "Oh Canada" at every level--this is a "must learn" piece for every student!
  • these books will be the Conservatory's standard editions for years to come-no need for teachers to buy new books every few years.
  • All volumes are spiral bound for easy access, longevity, and sitting flat on the piano


“ Theory made EASY and
FUN at Conservatory Canada! ”

The books and the programmes have been in place long enough for Conservatory Canada to get real feedback from the students themselves... we've heard that students feel well-prepared for the University music studies that they've undertaken, or they have moved on into other vocations but keep music as an enjoyable part of their lives, especially with the keyboard harmony. What better legacy can a teacher leave to the student than a life-long love of music!

Theory for Students

For teachers wanting to start younger students on an interesting and fun approach to Theory, we recommend our Theory for Students series. The approach is different: the pages are bigger, the notation clearer and easier for younger students, and there are plentiful mini-tests throughout to give positive feedback. This is a great new series, designed with input from teachers from across the country.

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