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Conservatory Canada offers examinations in the following disciplines:

Download the new Pre-Grade One Piano Syllabus here!

An informal exam experience for younger students, including a mini-lesson as part of the exam.  Even parents can get in on the fun!

Copies of these may be purchased from your local music dealer.

From time to time, Conservatory Canada must make slight revisions to Syllabus requirements for Practical and Theoretical examinations.  Most of these changes are due to circumstances beyond our control--changes in the editions of the History texts, the release of new Conservatory publications, and the discovery of the occasional errata in the Millennium Series repertoire books, etc. We keep revisions to an absolute minimum, and we give ample time for teachers and students to adjust to the changes before they take effect on examinations.

In ALL cases, Conservatory Canada will outline what those changes are, and how and when they will impact teachers and students.  We do this via the "Coast-to-Coast" newsletter, special notices to teachers, and this website.Rather than revising Syllabi with minor changes every year and then requiring teachers to upgrade and re-purchase entire editions, we feel that we can be of best service via Coast-to-Coast and the website.  We're happy with all our Syllabi and don't expect major revisions for some time. If you have any questions, or wish to bring any errata or uncertainties to our attention, email us with specific details.  And keep checking back to this space for the latest news!

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