Current Priorities

Your Opportunity to be Instrumental for Conservatory Canada

We are committed to students. Conservatory Canada relies primarily upon financial support through donations. Your gifts can be instrumental in so many ways to help us achieve our mission of enhancing young lives through the many benefits of music study.

Our Goals...

The Master Class Experience: Student Sponsorship for Music Advancement

Memorial Endowment Funds allow us to host annual student Master Classes. Piano and Voice Master Classes are currently offered interchangeably and biannually. Student musicians are invited to come, all expenses paid, to experience a rich and rewarding weekend of music-making. The students work one-on-one and in group settings with renowned clinicians. They create a professional recording of their performances. The weekend culminates with the students in a live public performance.

Conservatory Canada's goal is to expand the Master Class program with more varied types of sessions, more instrumentalists and with contemporary styles of music.

Current and Endowment Funds for Operation Needs

Conservatory Canada believes that everyone should have the opportunity to study music and receive constructive, affordable assessment. To make this possible, we continue to build our Operating Endowment Fund with the London Community Foundation. We are grateful for donations that yield added operating income so that we can keep music education affordable for all students.

Student enhancement - Teacher Workshops

We understand that in order to help students, we need to “teach the teachers” to ensure the highest quality music education. Offering teacher workshops related to the Contemporary Idioms Syllabi is extremely important to ensure teachers feel comfortable teaching the new program for those students who are asking for and eager to learn from this curriculum. We are grateful for donations that yield operating income to enable continuing education for our teachers.

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